Buying a baby pushchair may seem very simple, but many parents purchase the wrong one which leads to wasted money, frustration and regret. Buying a baby pushchair requires careful consideration of different factors. Purchasing a baby pushchair on a whim leads to a mistake – and your baby’s comfort and security can be severely affected.

Buying a baby pushchair can be more complicated than what other people may think. There are literally hundreds of models and brands to choose from, aside from different costs. If you think it is about time to buy a baby pushchair for your child, remember to take these factors into consideration when shopping.

Stick To Your Budget

How much you are willing to spend goes down to personal preference and financial capacity, but it is still best to set a budget or a limit. Designer pushchair brands can cost thousands, but you will be able to purchase one for below 500 dollars. If you do create a budget, be sure that you stick to it.

Function And Features

It may be hard to shop for a pushchair for your baby, but one thing you can do to make it easier is assess and decide what you are specifically looking for. There are different types to choose from: a standard pushchair, strollers, prams and even full on, complete travel systems. One of the best way to decide what features your baby will need is to base it upon his or her age.

Style And Design

Many people make the mistake of choosing a baby pushchair based on design or style, and end up regretting their decision. Some baby pushchairs look very trendy but lack in important and usable features.

Size And Weight

Remember that as a parent, you will be the one pushing and carrying the pushchair around. Size and weight are important factors in choosing a baby pushchair, and this does not even include your child’s weight yet. If you will have a problem carrying or pushing a heavy and big Maxi Cosi pushchair, it is best to pick a lightweight one.


Maneuverability is an important factor in choosing a baby pushchair. This includes the swivel and locking wheels of the pushchair since you will be pushing and maneuvering it around.

Taking It Apart
This is an important aspect that will influence how easy or difficult the Baby pushchairs is to bring or store. A good baby pushchair can be easily collapsed when not needed as it is easy to prop up once needed.

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